getReactableState() gets the state of a reactable instance within a Shiny application.

getReactableState(outputId, name = NULL, session = NULL)



The Shiny output ID of the reactable instance.


Name of a state value to get. One of "page", "pageSize", "pages", or "selected". If unspecified, all values will be returned in a named list.


The Shiny session object. Defaults to the current Shiny session.


If name is specified, one of the following values:

  • page: the current page

  • pageSize: the page size

  • pages: the number of pages

  • selected: the selected rows - a numeric vector of row indices, or NULL if no rows are selected

If name is unspecified, getReactableState() returns a named list containing all values.

If the table has not been rendered yet, getReactableState() returns NULL.


# Run in an interactive R session if (interactive()) { library(shiny) library(reactable) ui <- fluidPage( actionButton("prev_page_btn", "Previous page"), actionButton("next_page_btn", "Next page"), reactableOutput("table"), verbatimTextOutput("table_state") ) server <- function(input, output) { output$table <- renderReactable({ reactable( iris, showPageSizeOptions = TRUE, selection = "multiple" ) }) output$table_state <- renderPrint({ state <- req(getReactableState("table")) print(state) }) observeEvent(input$prev_page_btn, { # Change to the previous page page <- getReactableState("table", "page") if (page > 1) { updateReactable("table", page = page - 1) } }) observeEvent(input$next_page_btn, { # Change to the next page state <- getReactableState("table") if (state$page < state$pages) { updateReactable("table", page = state$page + 1) } }) } shinyApp(ui, server) }