Output and render functions for using reactable within Shiny applications and interactive R Markdown documents.

reactableOutput(outputId, width = "auto", height = "auto", inline = FALSE)

renderReactable(expr, env = parent.frame(), quoted = FALSE)



Output variable to read from.

width, height

A valid CSS unit (like "100%", "400px", "auto") or a number, which will be coerced to a string and have "px" appended.


Use an inline element for the table's container?


An expression that generates a reactable widget.


The environment in which to evaluate expr.


Is expr a quoted expression (with quote())? This is useful if you want to save an expression in a variable.


reactableOutput() returns a reactable output element that can be included in a Shiny UI.

renderReactable() returns a reactable render function that can be assigned to a Shiny output slot.


See the online demo for additional examples of using reactable in Shiny.

See also

updateReactable() for updating a reactable instance in Shiny.

getReactableState() for getting the state of a reactable instance in Shiny.


# Run in an interactive R session if (interactive()) { library(shiny) library(reactable) ui <- fluidPage( titlePanel("reactable example"), reactableOutput("table") ) server <- function(input, output, session) { output$table <- renderReactable({ reactable(iris) }) } shinyApp(ui, server) }