reactable 0.2.3 Unreleased

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a character encoding issue in the documentation.

reactable 0.2.2 2020-09-13

Bug fixes

  • Headers in fixed height tables now display properly in Safari, Chrome, and the RStudio Viewer (#76).

reactable 0.2.1 2020-09-01

New features

  • updateReactable() gains a data argument to update the data of a reactable instance in Shiny (#49).

Bug fixes

  • Row selection columns now display correctly in tables with column groups (#52).
  • defaultSelected now works correctly with Crosstalk linked selection.
  • Crosstalk selection and filtering now works with nested and dynamically rendered tables #57).
  • Tables now display correctly for Crosstalk SharedData objects with zero or one rows.
  • Shiny UI elements in expanded row details are now properly removed when collapsed on page changes.
  • colFormat() now always formats numbers as a localized string when locales is specified.
  • Table rows no longer stretch to fill the height of the container (#69). To make rows stretch again, use a theme like reactableTheme(tableBodyStyle = list(flex = "auto")).
  • Multi-sorting no longer selects text in column headers.

reactable 0.2.0 2020-05-28

New features

  • reactable() now supports linked selection and filtering with Crosstalk-compatible HTML widgets (#46).
  • reactable() gains a theme argument to customize the default styling of a table.
  • reactable() gains a language argument to customize the language strings in a table (#24).
  • reactable() gains a defaultSelected argument to set default selected rows.
  • reactable() gains a defaultExpanded argument to set default expanded rows (#23).
  • New updateReactable() function to update the selected rows, expanded rows, or current page of a reactable instance in Shiny (#20).
  • New getReactableState() function to get the state of a reactable instance in Shiny (#20).
  • colDef() gains a "median" aggregate function to calculate the median of numbers (#30).
  • The row selection column can now be customized using ".selection" as the column name (#19).
  • In reactable(), the rowClass, rowStyle, and details JavaScript functions now receive a rowInfo.selected property indicating whether the row is selected (#20).

Breaking changes

  • The selectionId argument in reactable() will be deprecated in a future release. Use getReactableState() to get the selected rows of a table in Shiny instead.

Bug fixes

  • General accessibility improvements, particularly for screen reader users.
  • Table searching now works correctly when row selection is enabled.
  • colFormat(date = TRUE) now formats YYYY-MM-DD dates correctly (#38).
  • colFormat(percent = TRUE) now works correctly when viewing tables in IE11.
  • Cell click actions now work for all cells in aggregated rows.
  • Aggregated cells in columns with row details no longer throw an error when clicked.
  • In colDef(), the class and style R functions now handle list-columns correctly.
  • Column headers now truncate long text properly.
  • Footers now display properly in fixed height tables for Safari and Chrome (#41).
  • Dark themes no longer affect text color in RStudio R Notebooks (#21).
  • Checkboxes and radio buttons now align with multi-line text in selectable tables.
  • Text selection now works in column headers.
  • Row striping and highlighting styles no longer affect nested tables.

reactable 2020-02-29

  • Updated tests for compatibility with R 4.0.0.

reactable 0.1.0 2019-11-15

  • Initial release.